Music Video: Garlic Scapes Parody

I’m baaaaaaaaaackk.  With a music video.  Because what better way to make a return to food blogging than to post an awesome/ridiculous music video about garlic scapes and organic farming…parodied on “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  Amiright?  Hell yes I am.

This dope-ass video was written, shot, directed, and just about everything else by my good friend and co-owner of Laughing Stalk Farmstead, Ross Peterson.  He legit.  The video also features Emily Scifers, the other owner of Laughing Stalk Farmstead, along with my boys Chris and Giovanni (my husband and son).  Grab that veg, yo, and get ‘scapin!

Coming soon…fermented garlic scapes.  Zing.