Music Video: Garlic Scapes Parody

I’m baaaaaaaaaackk.  With a music video.  Because what better way to make a return to food blogging than to post an awesome/ridiculous music video about garlic scapes and organic farming…parodied on “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  Amiright?  Hell yes I am.

This dope-ass video was written, shot, directed, and just about everything else by my good friend and co-owner of Laughing Stalk Farmstead, Ross Peterson.  He legit.  The video also features Emily Scifers, the other owner of Laughing Stalk Farmstead, along with my boys Chris and Giovanni (my husband and son).  Grab that veg, yo, and get ‘scapin!

Coming soon…fermented garlic scapes.  Zing.

CSA Week 1: Spinach Quesadillas with Chimichurri Sauce

I’m pumped.  So very pumped.  CSA season just started back up and my little veg head is exploding with organic veggie excitement!  I may be slightly odd in that I’d much prefer to open a box of veggies than unwrap a birthday present…um, unless that birthday present IS a box veggies…and maybe it includes a bottle of gin, and some aged balsamic vinegar, or some smoked sea salt or fancy dutch-processed cocoa powder, or several jars of my grandma’s homegrown, canned tomato juice that I would totally use to make killer Bloody Marys with…whoa, settle down.  Hmm, I wonder if you can register for organic veggies as a wedding gift.  I’m already married, buuuuut….how freakin cool would that be to have one of those gift registry guns that you could take to a farm.  I’d go nuts with the kale.  Yeah, forget engraved towels…give me kale and tomatoes!

I digress.  So, after some crazy weather, Laughing Stalk Farmstead is back to delivering me a beautiful box of fresh, organic fruits and veggies every other week!  They started with a couple special deliveries of strawberries and rhubarb, but the full-on seasonal eating adventure has officially begun with a box that packs a powerful superfood punch…it’s a mean green veggie machine!