Homemade Sour Cream

Homemade Sour Cream

Do you ever end up with half-used containers of heavy cream or buttermilk loitering about in your fridge?  You don’t want to throw them out, but they’re quickly approaching the expiration date and they’re taking up precious real estate on that crammed top shelf.   Dang, where am I gonna put this gallon of milk or third jar of pickles I just opened?  It’s time to combine the two and make the best-tasting, ultra creamy, delightfully luscious sour cream!  And it’s riDONKulouly easy!

Just combine 4 parts heavy cream to one part buttermilk in a jar, put the lid on and shake.  Leave it on your counter for a day and Presto-Chango you have sour cream!

Now, what exactly is sour cream?  It’s fermented cream; cream that’s been cultured with lactic acid bacteria, which in this case comes from the buttermilk.  But don’t be scared, this bacteria is actually super healthy for you.  This “good” bacteria keeps your digestive system in tip-top shape by creating an undesirable environment for “bad” bacteria; it balances out the pH of the intestinal tract.  Think Jamie Curtis and yogurt.  Another great thing about making your own sour cream is that you control the ingredients.  Some store-bought sour creams have added sodium, flavoring agents, or vegetable enzymes or use thickeners like rennet,  gelatin, or guar.  Those sour creams aren’t fermented, they’re just thickened, and therefore you don’t get the health benefits.

Give it a go and you’ll be hooked!  For a real treat, when berries are in season, put a spoonful of sour cream on raspberries or strawberries and drizzle it with aged balsamic vinegar!  Tart, sour, sweet, and just a bit savory all in one bite!

homemade sour cream jar

Homemade Sour Cream

  • Servings: makes about 1 cup
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup buttermilk

Combine the cream and buttermilk in a jar, screw lid on, and shake well to combine.  Let sit on your counter for 24 hours, then it’s ready to enjoy!  Store in the refrigerator.

One thought on “Homemade Sour Cream

  1. Can you put it in the fridge to ferment? Or must it remain at room temp to work?

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