Rosemary & Chili Roasted Almonds

Rosemary & chili roasted almonds

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!  Are we really about to welcome 2014?  That doesn’t seem right.  I swear it was just 2010 and I was going bananas that it was already a decade into the new millennium.  Time doesn’t just fly by; it whizzes past us in hyperdrive!  My son’s growing up too fast, my hair’s showing grays too soon, and I’m increasingly donning “pajama pants” too early in the evenings…it’s Ok to be comfy and ready for bed at 5pm, right?  But as time speeds by, it’s nice to have this day each year that forces us to review the year before, reminisce in the milestones that occurred, and relish in those precious moments that now follow the words “remember that one time…”.   For me, twenty-thirteen has been a year of travel, new friendships, farmers markets, filming (my family and I got to be extras in a movie – that’s for another post), and lots and lots of fabulous food!

And on that note…NUTS!  Because, when don’t you want spicy, earthy, salty, sweet, crunchy nuts?  Always.  Happy New Year!