Borough Market – London

Hiya, I’m back from an incredible trip to France and England!  One of the must-see/do/eat places on my list was Borough Market in London.  It’s my culinary mecca…and I was on a pilgrimage.  I’ve read about this market and seen TV specials about it on the Food Network, but that didn’t prepare me for walking through this gastronomic holy land.  There is just about every kind of food/beverage vendor you can think of selling high-quality, seasonal, fresh goods.  Everything from fruits & veggies, cheeses, mushrooms (including truffles!), olives, meat/seafood, baked goods, and chocolates to cider, beer, wine, juices, and all kinds of prepared foods.  The vendors are so proud of what they do and love their product so much; they are true artisans in their field.  And they’re full of knowledge.  Ask them questions.  Ask them lots of questions!  They welcome the opportunity to share their passion, and they LOVE giving samples!  Score! 
It’s an intensely inspirational place to be.  So, if you’re ever in London, check it out!  Cheers!