Veggie Art!

Veggie Art by Kayse of Art, Health, and Happiness Blog
The holidays are fast approaching!  Anyone feel a little stressed?  Still trying to figure out gift ideas?  Let me help you with that!  I bought these beautiful art prints from Kayse Wieneke of art, health, and happiness blog.  I absolutely adore them!  The colors are vibrant and they’re a lovely mix of whimsy, simplicity and elegance.  They’re perfect for any foodie, veggie nut, or anyone who just loves art.

These vegetable prints — Beet, Kale, and Carrot — are original paintings Kayse did using beet juice, tumeric and spirulina for pigment.  They’re printed on quality, cotton rag, acid-free paper and you can order them in various sizes through her Society6 shop.  Kayse has a lot of other artwork available, too, and on many different mediums (canvas, tote bags, pillows, t-shirts, etc.).  She’s also currently having a sale!!

Veggie Art by Kayse of Art, Health, and Happiness Blog

I purchased 8 x 10-inch prints and hung them in my hallway; I wanted to hang them in a fairly cozy space so you see them up close.  Every time I pass by them they boost my spirit and make me happy.  Similar to my efforts of buying local seasonal food, I also try to shop locally or from small business for other things, especially around the holidays. This is another way to continue that practice – supporting independent artists and craftspeople (and fellow bloggers!).

My photos of course don’t do these prints justice – so head over to Kayse’s shop for better, more detailed images.  Happy Holidays!

7 thoughts on “Veggie Art!

  1. How lovely! I thought I recognised them, I saw them on Kayse’s blog a few months ago. Gorgeous earthy vibrant images, using plant pigments. Good buy! 🙂

  2. Thank you so very much, Jaime!! I’m soooooo glad you like them!!

  3. Your prints are beautiful. So good of you to support small businesses too (and bloggers!).

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